Online World

Times are a-changing- We have moved our classes online. We are now offering all our students the option of taking classes with GSD Drama via Zoom. We hope parents and students can get on board and join in with all the fun and learning. We will still be offering Speech & Drama exams through Leinster School of Music & Drama for keen and interested students. For now, this is the best option for our students, until we see everyone once again in a drama classroom.  We want to offer our students the best opportunity to continue to grow and learn through this unprecedented time. We have been brave and move all our work online. To our amazement we can still offer all key elements of our classes to our customers. Students can develop quality communication skills through our speech work. Through analysis of poetry students will explore language, improve vocabulary and develop a deeper meaning of the world around them. Older students will learn to fully break down the inner meaning and mechanisms within language and poetry.

Students who wish to pursue drama performance for either stage or camera will not be left out- through mime and drama scenes students can work on developing quality solo skills for stage.

We will also help children to develop better communication skills in an online world. Through presentations and public speaking. This change of direction is new for GSD School of Drama but as we say in the theatre – ‘The show must go on’!