Just Gigi Podcast

During all of our senior drama sessions we find ourselves discussing the events of the week. Or whats bother the students that week. As part of a healthy drama environment young students should always feels safe to let off some steam and express themselves, this often comes in a variety of ways.

Since 2016, I’ve noticed a huge change with all of our students. They are far more aware of politics and the environment. They hear all the headlines and or adults discussing news items. In recent years media has become far more hyped! The rhetoric has changed greatly, the language used has changed for the worst and young people are taking all this in.We are finding they have very few places to vent or discuss what they are hearing in a safe spaceĀ  not with their parents but still with their peers.

So, finally after much debating we have started our podcasts with our senior drama students. Letting them discuss their opinions and thoughts in a constructive manner which will also enable them to further develop their communication skills, articulation and understanding of audiences. Plus build greater self confidence.

We started off very simple: Literally me ,two students and zoom in our drama room. As we progress we hope to build this platform alongside our short video series. “Done is better than perfect” So please enjoy and support.https://soundcloud.com/user-682546711/just-gigi-podcast-episode-1-mixdown