GSD School News


Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during this time. GSD School of drama will continue to follow official guidelines and remain closed until it is safe to reopen. We have decided to take a version of our classes online. The students have and will miss out on so many of our planned events. However, the great benefits of drama, speech and creative drama can still be utilised through our online classes.

Parents who wish students to do Speech & Drama exams, normally I would have released information in Feb, but I held off due to Covid 19. However, now Leinster School are working on a method of examining through online/ video platforms. So, this is still an option for parents: Please email if you wish to complete exams this year.  

Term fees

We were in term two of 2020- All parents who paid for full term fees (as is the rule at the beginning of term) will receive online classes as part of the term. When normality resumes, we will run extra sessions & do something special.

Online Classes:

I rolled out some classes last weekend, we are using the app Zoom. Some parents are already familiar with this app. By next week will use zoom though Slack, this a good platform to manage messages, emails and class work on for parents and students.  At present based on my internet abilities we can take three to four groups (children) in our meetings at a time. Sessions will be a half hour, as our service improves, we may offer longer sessions. I will ask parents who wish to fully avail of online classes to:

  • Email if you haven’t already. State if you want group or 1to1 teaching. Or more than one group session in the week.
  • Please follow the school’s social media platforms – as we may go live with some course on Instagram or Facebook.
  • If you have poor internet connection, please inform GSD and we will find a work around to stay involved.
  • We will run group sessions on your normal drama classes days.
  • Download the app Zoom. Familiarise yourself with the app. Set a clear space for classes. Its best if children don’t use headsets. If you are availing of one to one option, then headsets are fine. Have all drama material at the ready. Please educate your child on social media etiquette such as don’t take the device for a walk around your home 😊

*My online teaching space will always have a screen behind me. At no point will classes be recorded & I ask that the session is not recorded on the receiving end. At best we must maintain all child safety protocols. Any videos or items shared my students to the school will be saved until the end of crisis or term and deleted once term/crisis finishes.

At present we are all online & all inundated with texts, emails, updates. If you wish to pause classes and not hear from us until we reopen please text me so that I am not pestering people 😊   

Many thanks,

Geraldine Kieran (087-1914076)