GSD Drama News

GSD Drama’s Got Talent

A fun performance from our drama students. Our three centers will go head to head in a competition to see who is the best group at poetry, mime and improvisation. This event will be for all students of all ages.  The judges will be the audience who will get to decide on the night who are the clear winners. The event will be in aid of Temple Street Hospital.

Every year I say we will present our end of term recital early in the winter season before silly season begins. The end of year for all parents and families is busy, tough and full on. So this year we have decided to end our term early. We are taking on the concept of 24 hr play model. Where we pull together student’s terms work quickly, with efficiency and a clear goal to present our work to an audience. The whole goal is to ensure that we work fast and effectively to build the students self confidence by achieving an attainable goal.

*All our classes will run for longer than usual with special workshops at set times. These workshops are a part of the term and part of the term fee so all students must attend.Please check out the additional times and ensure you can attend. The show will be held on November 19th in the Spirit store. Please note we have advertised to some a different date but due to the size of venue we had to change our date.

BayEstate Workshop: Tuesday 12th 4-6pm in Creative Spark.

Cooley Workshop: TBA

Junior Workshop Sunday 3:15-5:15 pm in Creative Spark.



Just Gigi Podcast

During all of our senior drama sessions we find ourselves discussing the events of the week. Or whats bother the students that week. As part of a healthy drama environment young students should always feels safe to let off some steam and express themselves, this often comes in a variety of ways.

Since 2016, I’ve noticed a huge change with all of our students. They are far more aware of politics and the environment. They hear all the headlines and or adults discussing news items. In recent years media has become far more hyped! The rhetoric has changed greatly, the language used has changed for the worst and young people are taking all this in.We are finding they have very few places to vent or discuss what they are hearing in a safe space  not with their parents but still with their peers.

So, finally after much debating we have started our podcasts with our senior drama students. Letting them discuss their opinions and thoughts in a constructive manner which will also enable them to further develop their communication skills, articulation and understanding of audiences. Plus build greater self confidence.

We started off very simple: Literally me ,two students and zoom in our drama room. As we progress we hope to build this platform alongside our short video series. “Done is better than perfect” So please enjoy and support.

Rehearsal Timetable for June 8th Production

Rehearsals for Production on June 8th, 2019! Please take note of the following days, times and venues.

Students who are participating in specific scenes must attend at the correct rehearsal time set for each scene. Students will get an individual note, stating times/days students are needed specifically during our rehearsals on Sunday April 28th.  Over the Easter break attendance if possible is very much appreciated. This also applies to the two bank holiday weekends before our production takes to the Main stage in An Tain ( Theatre) arts centre.

From May, all students must attend their rehearsals this is for the benefit of the group and all children involved in the production.

Information below:

Thursday April 25th 3-5pm in creative spark (all students required if not on Holidays)

Sunday April 28th at Creative Spark Time: 12.30-2pm

(Students will get individual notes requesting attendance on certain days throughout May, on Sunday April 28th. )


May 2nd 4-5pm Creative Spark (Dance/Voice)

May 6th 4-6pm Creative Spark.  (This is a bank holiday weekend, session is set so that we may not disrupt holiday plans. Attendance would be appreciated please confirm attendance)


May 9th 4-5pm Creative Spark ( Dance/ Voice)

May 12th No Rehearsal

May 16th 4-5 pm Creative Spark (Dance/Voice)

My 19th 12.30-2.30 pm ELEVATE Full show rehearsal (All students needed)


May 23rd 4-5pm Creative Spark, (Half show rehearsal)

May 25th GSD School Exams, Creative Spark

May 26th 12.302 pm Elevate, (Half show rehearsal)

Many thanks,

Geraldine Kieran




Autumn Season Term Fees


Registration Fee: €25.00 includes course workbook and folder plus special workshop which will be held during the October Break.

Speech & Drama: 14 week term €140.00 payable in full or split payment of €70.00. 10% discount for siblings.

Creative Drama & Dance : 14 week term €140.00 payable in full or split payment of €70.00. 10% discount for siblings.

Musical Theatre : 14 week term €112.00 payable in full or split payment of €56.00. 10% discount for siblings.

Preschool Drama :  14 week term €112.00 payable in full or split payment of €56.00. 10% discount for siblings.

Senior Drama:  14 week term €154.00 payable in full or split payment of €77.00. 10% discount for siblings.

After school course fees are available upon request as set differently from GSD studio classes.

Cooley Complex: Creative Drama 14 week term €112.00 payable in two split term of €56.00, discount for siblings.


The New term! Drama for the 2018/2019 season

The school will reopen from the September 1st, with all Saturday classes kick starting our 2018/2019 drama year. We have lots of great events, dramas and productions planned for the new season. We wish to welcome back all our current drama students. Plus, New members are welcome!

Secure your drama place today by booking online. €25.00 registration fee.

The school has new courses and classes on offer which includes dance, creative drama in Dundalk, Drama for secondary school students, elocution and of course the return of musical theatre. If you wish to attend our courses parents must pay €25.00 deposit per child to secure place. This applies to all our courses. *Students will receive a drama folder, course workbook and special two workshop which will be held over the October mid-term break.

The school offers discount for siblings attending course. Plus, discount for students who wish to attend a second course at the school.  All course fees must be paid in full at the start of every term. We encourage our students to attend for the full drama year so that they give themselves a good opportunity to develop their stage craft, hone their skills and make friends.