GSD Drama News

GSD Drama’s Got Talent

A fun performance from our drama students. Our three centers will go head to head in a competition to see who is the best group at poetry, mime and improvisation. This event will be for all students of all ages.  The judges will be the audience who will get to decide on the night who are the clear winners. The event will be in aid of Temple Street Hospital.

Every year I say we will present our end of term recital early in the winter season before silly season begins. The end of year for all parents and families is busy, tough and full on. So this year we have decided to end our term early. We are taking on the concept of 24 hr play model. Where we pull together student’s terms work quickly, with efficiency and a clear goal to present our work to an audience. The whole goal is to ensure that we work fast and effectively to build the students self confidence by achieving an attainable goal.

*All our classes will run for longer than usual with special workshops at set times. These workshops are a part of the term and part of the term fee so all students must attend.Please check out the additional times and ensure you can attend. The show will be held on November 19th in the Spirit store. Please note we have advertised to some a different date but due to the size of venue we had to change our date.

BayEstate Workshop: Tuesday 12th 4-6pm in Creative Spark.

Cooley Workshop: TBA

Junior Workshop Sunday 3:15-5:15 pm in Creative Spark.