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easter camp smiling kids with colourful hands

At this time of year we often get questions about the school in relation to experience? Eg. My child is aged eight and is keen on doing drama classes – does she require any previous experience?

No not at all ever! All children can pick up drama at G.S.D School of Drama, we take children of any age and ability. The key requirements for attending our school are that a student is keen, willing to join in and will do their best to complete any homework or in class work that’s given. Making the effort is the number one factor needed for attending any of our classes. My top students are the ones who listen, work hard and have they are the ones having the most fun. Now its far from hard work – but an element of participation is required in order to gain any new skills just like any other activity, sport or hobby.

If you have a child who is shy or quite then drama is most certainly the best activity for your child as courses are designed to help bring the best out of every single person in our classroom. G.S.D classes are fun, safe spaces for all children to come and gain experiences, learn performance skills and develop their self confidence and imagination.

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