Welcome To Geraldine's School of Drama

Drama Class - Children are playing
GSD School of Drama is an award winning drama school based in Co. Louth.  We have been providing an excellent standard of drama education in the Louth area for twelve years. Offering classes in Speech & Drama, Creative Drama and Elocution. Our eloquence courses offer training for adults in public speaking and presentation skills.
Due to Covid19 the school will be closed until March 29th. We will follow all advice from the HSE and will only resume classes when it is safe for us to return to normal schooling. All current terms have been paused. All classes due will be honoured later. The school operates on a term to term basis, all our courses had already started for spring 2020. If you have not yet paid term fees, we will have a payment option for parents soon to pay for classes they have attended.

Online option- we are working on preparing new class models online. If students wish to avail of online speech & drama, then please email us: